Friday, July 21, 2017

It's a String Thing #204

Something borrowed and something blue😯.

I must admit to having being intimidated by the complicated string that was put up for the challenge but *breathes deeply* the engines got revving and off we go🚀!

The something borrowed was easy. Since I have no tangles of my own ALL my tangles were borrowed (purk, stripling, lazy eights, 'nzeppel, finery, flux, tipple, lichen, fife, 'dillo - wow that's a lot of tangles I just realised😝) but the something blue😕? The suggestion was bluebonnets but it wasn't quite calling to me, so I went for blue gems 💎(I needed practice on on my gems anyway).

I felt like doing something more nature-y🌿, more organic... 🌸 so I TRIED (see the emphasis) to use tangles that were a little more organicky (?). 
Not quite sure if I hit the feel I wanted but I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out. I still think I need way more practice💪 on my gems - either that or I need to abandon my inexpensive Faber Castel colour pencils and go more upmarket - oh wow I swear I felt my wallet cringe. 

Also sharing some other of my recent tiles:

I wanted to do a little bit more practice on peanuckle after the last Diva challenge when I did my little mush-house 🍄. And I wanted to finally use waybop (which I had hunkered down on a few posts back) on a tile. I was surprised at the way florz interacted to create almost a radial like web effect  - I swear it wasn't intentional! But hey! That's the magic 🎩and wonder🎇 of zentangle!  

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