Sunday, November 19, 2017

Get well soon, Dad...

luv-a.join.heart flower.hearts-a-flutter.heartstring.diva dance rock n' roll

Thursday, November 16, 2017

GWS =(

Quite a lots been going on.
I initially hadn't had much time to tangle because I was busy making my seasonal brooches.
Then things got a little hectic. Dad got hospitalised. He's been diagnosed with heart failure. Sister and I have been running around trying to deal with things. Kinda lost. Taking time off work here and there (and am thankful for an understanding boss). If we're getting it bad. He's getting it worse.
So just sharing photos today.
Diva Challenge #341 done at the hospital with Dad. Sakura 08 done in my A6 sketch book. Prayers appreciated. Get well soon Dad.
Other photographs that were meant to be shared...

These are this year's brooches. 

IAST #218 - microns, multiliners and Omni  intense colour pencils. 


Time to Tangle with Colors which suggested that the easiest way of going into colour is going monochromatic.

black and blue sakura microns, 4 shades of blue omni intense colour pencils
red sakura micron. 3 shades of red omni intense colour pencils 

Pointed pen tangling class with CZT Mabel @ Heartistry (💖 CZT Mabel!). 

Gifts from my sister who returned recently from Japan.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

It's the season of GUTS

Happy Halloween to those who celebrate it - here's sharing my Halloween inspired IAST #217 tile!


Still on my HAVE MORE GUTS campaign but this didn't turn out nice =(. But I did like the little "resist" Batik like effect on my candycorn centre... thanks to the teachings of CZT Mabel!

Also tested out my new Monami Fabric Markers (which seem to be much more expensive on Amazon than what I paid for in a local shop) on a dollar store pouch.

I'm now afraid to draw anything else for fear that I make it look horrible! But I must say this fabric marker is the best I'v used in quite a while! Easy to use. Nice bright colour. Best of all, supposedly it doesn't need to be ironed!

Whilst I was browsing blogs last week I spied a tile by CZT Stephanie featuring tangle Frunky which in turn led me to Floo. So I had to try them both right?



Sigh, it feels so good to be doing pure black white tiles again... but no! I must HAVE MORE GUTS! I cannot give up on my be more adventurous campaign right?? (But there's nothing against doing a comforting good ol' black and white now and then right???) 

Whilst trying out Frunky, I was also trying out the Shinhan Touch Liner pens and Hahnemughle Tiles of which there was an awesome review of here

The Tiles are really very very smooth - perhaps stunningly so. I was not quite used to it. I'm usually working on  Stathmore 400 Series Vellum Bristol or in my Canson Inspiration sketch book both of which have substantially rougher surfaces than the Tiles [however I am shallow and have to say that I love the little tin the Tiles come in!]. 

The Shinhan Touch Liner pen was nice and smooth, however I found it to be rather inky - like the moment I leave the pen there for a liiiiitle bit, there's a visible (albeit small) inky blot. Not quite sure whether it is because the pen is new or it's to do with the Tiles. It's worth more experimentation for sure! However at a price slightly higher than the trusty old Micron... perhaps I'll just stick to the Micron.

Also sharing my Diva Challenge #339 tile. I know it's supposed to be fall / spring but we don't have either here! It's tropically warm all year round. However this time of year is our rainy season. Hence my rainy / fall tile with several rainy day inspired tangles!


Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Kit and colour!

Spent the last weekend dog sitting for my sister at my sister's place. So of course I had to pack a zentangle kit to last me the weekend right? 

I've been eyeing these hard top pencil cases at Smiggle for a while now, thinking they'd be super awesome craft kits. For the longest time I fought the temptation due to (1) price concerns and (2) concerns that a packed kit would be obstructively heavy and I would have wasted my money. 

However I finally caved for my dog sitting weekend!

The amount of stuff I managed to stuff in was amazing! 

Yes it was heavy but it wasn't as heavy as I was afraid it was going to be. Amazing ain't it! 

And what did I do with my kit you might ask: 

Inktober day 21: meer.YAF  

ennies. indyrella 


Inktober day 22: yincut.ramy.drawings

Clearly I'm still with my HAVE MORE GUTS campaign. Whereas in my last post I only ventured as far as coloured pencils, I have now done some experimentation with my Tombow watercolour brush pens (courtesy of one of the classes previously given by CZT Mabel), coloured Microns (and a grey Zig Kuretake Mangaka pen) and my current favourite Zebra Super Marble Gel Pen.  

Some of it I think looks ok, others not so great. Having seen so many awesome coloured pieces online, I was hesitant to put up my recent works because I was embarrassed that they weren't great... but no! I need to HAVE MORE GUTS right?  But hey... practice makes perfect (hopefully)... and I should be proud of whatever I did right? Right?

But if they do look bad, I blame it on this:

Has anyone else tried to tangle side ways (like the table is on my right) with a dog on your lap? It was a bit of a challenge! But this sweetie was feeling crummy that my sister was away... (In case you're wondering: yes, she's wearing a flower. It's actually a cone of shame in disguise but shhhh don't tell her that!). 

Also sharing my Inktober contributions for day 14 and days 18-20 (days 15 to 17 were previously shared):


This week's Diva challenge wasn't really on all four with my  HAVE MORE GUTS campaign... but it kinda was. I've never attended any black tile classes and have never even tried tangling on black before so yes... GUTS required!


My first attempt at white on black on white. Not quite sure how I feel about it but I had fun doing it! Am now thinking about doing sparkly pens / pastel pens on black and see how they turn out! Am glad that pretty pens are relatively inexpensive here! 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

My new mantra: Have more guts!

Spent the weekend @ Heartistry!

With a Brush Lettering workshop on Saturday (the results of which I am tooooo embarrassed to share - suffice to say I need a lot of practice) and my first ever Zentangle jam on Sunday.

I quite enjoyed the session which involved making a glueless box from two zendala tiles, taught by CZT Mabel as well as making a small booklet with "pamphlet stitch" from a couple sheets of watercolour paper, taught by one of CZT Mabel's friends at Heartistry. Was my first attempt at book binding which was kinda cool 😎. 

I also collected my nets flash pay card (kinda like a stored value card) with the Heartistry logo that I won on Heartistry's Facebook draw (woohoo!🎉). 

I met tanglers I've never met before and saw what they could do (which in all honesty did make me feel a little bit lacking because some of what I saw was amazing and I was so envious! 😭). 

We had the pleasure of having not 1 not 2 but 3 CZTs at our session. I think a lot of the online Zentangle community may be familiar with CZT Stephanie (who was the originator of the Zentangle Inktober 2017 prompts) - well she was at the jamming session too! 

CZT Stephanie shared with us a simplified way to do diva dance rock & roll and aquafleur. For those interested, the version of aquafleur taught by CZT Stephanie features on her blog in this post, and her simplified version of diva dance rock & roll can be found here. Amazing! 

Having attended the session and having had the opportunity to look at other people's work, I have decided I need more guts! More guts to go out of the box! More guts to use colours! More guts to try and experiment! More guts to be wrong! My new Zentangle mantra is therefore: HAVE MORE GUTS! 

So since I spent all my time at the jamming session working on my palrevo box, when I got home, as step 1 to my "HAVE MORE GUTS" movement, I did some coloured pieces in my sketch book to record what I learnt from CZT Stephanie at the jamming session.

I'm quite pleased with how everything turned out which goes to show that I need to have more guts (but inside I'm trembling and melting like a jelly with too much water content).

So my HAVE MORE GUTS movement also extended into this week's Diva Challenge #337

diva dance rock & roll.dragonair.patience.dyon.sandswirl.printemps.leafleft.striping.shattuck.artoo


Ok so well I didn't have a lot of guts... just a little bit to give a sprinkling of colour here and there and to bring out artoo even more. I was quite pleased with the result until a bystander told me it looks incomplete... 😕 sigh... baby steps?

Also sharing:

(1) My IAST #215 tile (I was clearly still in the striping mood from last week's Diva Challenge!)

(2) My Inktober bijous for days 10 to 13 (my Diva tile also snuck in Inktober day 17!)

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Inky Stripes

I was kinda mind-blown when I read this week's Diva Challenge and browsed the links to striping. I loved what Margaret Brenner did here! I clearly underestimated the tangle! I never knew you could do so much with striping!

So with my new Sakura Pigma PN (MWAHAHAHAHA the local stores didn't have it yet but my sister ordered some for me online - my sister and online shopping FTW🎉!)... 

I need to work on my light and shadows but I don't think it's half bad. I will never think of striping the same way again! 

[Mini review: the PN is very very smooth which is awesome and doesn't really leave indentations in the paper. When I have a new micron somethings the corners of the "tuft" make lines a little irregular and have a slightly jarring tactile response but not with the PN. The downside is that the line weight is clearly thicker than that of the Micron so fine line work involves playing with pen pressure. All in all, I love the PNs 😀 and will treasure and enjoy the few PNs that my sister bought (while hoping that they hit local stores soon!)😍]

Also sharing my Inktober days 6 to 9! 


As well as my last IAST submission!


[Mini review: I did this one with the Sakura Pigma Pen (aka the apprentice pen). The ink is very similar to that of the Micron. Tip width wise it's definitely thicker than a Micron 01 and I suspect,  also thicker than the PN (but I could be wrong). It seems to tend to "fluff" a little (like pick up micro-fibres from the paper after prolonged drawing) but thankfully not to an extent that it leaves a blot on the paper. Whilst it's supposed to be a cheaper option to the Micron, in my case cost-wise it was more or less the same, since I ordered them online and they had to be shipped to me. To be honest / fair, Microns are not particularly expensive where I'm from. In case you are in my neck of the woods and want to order some, I got them here.] 

Thursday, October 5, 2017


Ok. Considering I started Zentangle this year, I've never heard of Inktober! However my sister (who is far more creative than I am) has been dabbling in inks for much longer (she's more into fountain pens and fountain pen inks) and shared the concept. 

So in case I have it wrong, I understand Inktober to be a month long challenge to draw one ink drawing per day... and the people at Inktober have even given a list of prompts in case you need an added challenge / inspiration! And then on day 3 I discovered Zentangle prompts by CZT Stephanie Jennifer

So why not? Since I work full-time I don't think I can afford the time to do a full tile every day (without severely sacrificing sleep anyway), so my "modified" Inktober - (at least) one bijou per day! 

Ready. Steady. GO! 

Inktober days 1 to 4!

Day 1: "Swift" using Indy-rella, before I discovered the Zentangle prompts 
Day 2: "Divide" using paradox, before I discovered the Zentangle prompts 
Day 3: Simply Knotty (and paradox) 
Day 4: Diva Dance (with a little bit of printemps)

Inktober day 5!

Inktober day 5 was a pure fluke I must admit. Was working on the Diva Challenge #335, Tint, and used Marasu before I checked to see what was day 5's challenge - it must have been a premonition! So I'm taking my Diva Challenge tile as my Inktober Day 5 (is that cheating?).  

For the Diva Challenge I tried 3 different forms of Tint. Two that I saw on the step out suggestions and one that I kinda just winged it... quite literally, in an attempt to make something that kinda looks like a peacock feather. Not quite sure if I liked how it turned out. 

This tile for me, was one of those "oh no it looks terrible" tiles when I was working on it, but after I finished shading, I thought it didn't look thaaat bad. Lesson learnt - don't give up on "oh no" tiles! 


Also sharing some more of my recent zentangling activities: 


And the next in my bookmark (and laminator) adventures, a pair of paradoxes!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


So this week's Diva Challenge #334 involved crazy 'nzeppel... before I knew that was the challenge I had done my IAST#212 tile which also included crazy 'nzeppel. 'nzeppel is one of my go to tangles you see... 

Y.A.F. paizel.'nzeppel

I was quite pleased with the little star that sneaked in that reminded me of the rubber band star. Whilst I was feeling quite good about the tile when I first completed it, those good feelings have since been overtaken.  

Hope is the word this week. 

Two days ago, whilst I was working in my office, a lady from a neighbouring office ran in, hurriedly asking if anyone knows CPR or if we know of a doctor in the vicinity. One of our neighbours, Mr P, who we are actually quite close to, had collapsed in his office. He had suffered from an acute stroke. Mr P's daughter (who actually worked with us for a while) was told to prepare for the worst. My heart goes out to her - she just lost her mother a few years back. Mr P is now  recovering in a local hospital and any prayers would be appreciated. 

Was quite ruffled over the incident Mr P is the same age as my Dad and is fit as a fiddle. The incident hit a little close to home. Did a quick fengle bookmark in a silver and gold gellyrolls to calm myself down... 

And when I saw this week's Diva Challenge #334 I just had to do something...

This was done with you in mind Mr P.

Get well soon. 

Thursday, September 21, 2017


I didn't really quite get what Diva Challenge #333 was about but I hope I got it right!

The Oxford Dictionary website defines "cosy (US cozy)" as "giving a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation". And my immediate reaction is: isn't that every tangle and tile?!?

What do I think of when I think of the word "cosy"?

Snuggling sleepy dogs! These are my sister's two pups - both sausages. Two of the cuddliest things ever. Hence my inspired Diva Challenge #333 tile:


I tried to make him look "fluffly" with "messy" shading. Don't think it turned out quite right though. I kinda like it all the same. My sister thought it looked kinda cute (though that could have been purely because it was her pup after all!)

And since I'm on the topic of my sister, check out the awesome prezzie I got from my sister!

It took me 2 weeks to gather the courage to open the plastic! And now I'm all like "oh no! If I use them then they will never look the same!". 😍 My sister rocks. I know. When and where will I get the courage to actually use them! 😵

Another awesome gift I received recently is a laminator (and laminating foils)😀! [It's kinda sad that I'm this excited over office supplies isn't it... but ah well!] So of course I had to try it out right!

I cut up some Strathmore Bristol, wrote with some masking fluid (I just bought some and is the first time I'm using it!), added on a Tombow Dual Brush Pen watercolour wash, added Btl Joos/Striping with the trusty Sakura Micron, added highlights with my Sakura Gellyroll, added slight pencil shading and finally discreet random printemps with my new Zebra Super Marble pen

Why did I use so many different pens you may ask - to be honest I was paranoid and wanted to see whether the laminating process would destroy anything. Thankfully it didn't! Woohoo! Looks like bookmarks may be on the cards for Christmas this year! 

Loving my new gifts and the people who clearly love me!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

IAST #211 and Diva Challenge #332

IAST #211 was a bit of a doozy. I didn't know where to start or what to do! I even tried googling fairy tale lettering for "inspiration" but nothing really appealed to me. 

So I went on a wing with a tangle that I have been meaning to try out but never got around to doing, Cudad! Which I found on CZT Sandy Steen Bartholomew's Tangle Cards, Totally Tangled Edition

When I was doing the tile I kept thinking about La Perla in Puerto Rico (I had the good fortune to visit Puerto Rico many years ago and OMG I miss the food there) which you can see in the Despacito video:

The cards were one of my first few purchases after I started zentangle. I read the reviews and a lot of people were complaining about the quality of the cards - but seriously for the price that you can get them on they are a relative steal! So many beautiful and unique tangles (that I understand to have been CZT Sandy's own tangles)! With clear step by step instructions! And not to mention a few of what I would call "tips and tricks" cards (like how to shade etc). 

I bought all three editions of the Tangle Cards: Totally Tangled Edition, Kids Edition (if you look really close you can spot a Pingline penguin in the tile which I got from the the Kids Edition Tangle Cards... I wasn't able to add as much detail as I would have liked due to the size but hey! He's there!), and Original Edition. I've currently stored them in trading card folders but as and when needed I take out what I need and slip them into my sketchbook or whatever I happen to be carrying - save on me having to risk exceeding my mobile data limit fewor the month! 

But for the sake of any would be purchasers... how does it compare to the Tangle Deck

Well the Tangle Decks are relatively more expensive and are admittedly printed on better quality paper. I find that the Tangle Decks capture many more Zentangle HQ and more "traditional" looking tangles. 

CZT Sandy's Tangle Cards however are a bit more "out of the box", sharing many unique original tangles, more so that the Zentangle HQ tangles. Many of her tangles appeal to me for being a bit more "cartoony". The paper quality may not be great but it doesn't detract from the actual content of the cards. If you're up for something a bit more "cartoony" or a bit more whimsical, you might enjoy the Tangle Cards as well. 

Just don't make me choose between the two!

I also did my Diva Challenge #332 tile with my Tangle Cards!

(I love zentangling in a comfy cafe)


I did mostly with tangles from the Tangle Cards. Quite different from my other tiles I think, but I like it! 

Monday, September 4, 2017

Sunig 2017

In my spare time, I play a little bit of pool. I took up the sport relatively late in life and aren't very good... to make up for it, I do try to show support for the younger players who train under the same coach. 

Am pleased to inform that the two schools that my coach swept both champion and 1st runner-up places in annual inter-school tournament over the weekend. Congratulations guys! 

To commemorate the occasion... 

cruffle - another new tangle tried!

WELL DONE GUYS🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉! Woohoo!

[as a side thought... does this count as visual journaling? hmmmm....]

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Sharing the love! Guest Diva Challenge #331 and IAST #210

Last Friday I have an interesting evening with the bestie! I have been trying to infect her with the Zentangle bug but she's not really been prepared to take the dive and take CZT Mabel's Zentangle 101 class... but she did want to give it a go. So I prepared a kit and after dinner last Friday, we sat down and tangled! This was her first tile.

 knightsbridge.flux.pokeleaf.crescent moon
Maybe next year I will take the CZT course!
This week's Guest Diva Challenge #331 was awesome! Petoskey stones are clear examples of the wonders of nature and what I would refer to as small blessings in Life.
For some reason, the images of the stones appealed to the science geek in me (sadly my profession does not involve sciency things) and for inexplicable reasons, reminded me of the agar bacterial flowers (at least that's what I called them) that we "cultured" in petri dishes during science class in secondary / high school. Now, I mean this in the best way - I honestly think that the bacterial flowers are beautiful in their own way. Like these:

Thus inspired, I used Amoeba and Widgets (2 tangles that I have been dying to use) to create my own Petoskey stone inspired petri dish.
(I love zentangling in a public place... :))

I really loved the outcome! It took quite a bit of work drawing out all the individual fragments and adding shading and highlights to each but I think it was well worth it!

...kinda reminds me of the Amoeba Boys! (I know... my age may be showing...)

In case you are wondering what the pink thing is, it's my new Zentangle on the go kit! I needed to wash my old Scooby-Doo one, so I made two more!

I've also completed by contribution for IAST #210.


I don't think I've ever used so many tangles in a single tile!

I also played around with tiles that erm.... don't really fill up the whole tile? I do need some more practice though =( Does anyone have any pointers :/?