Sunday, July 15, 2018

It's been quite a while...

I haven't posted in quite a while. In fact I haven't tangled in quite a while. A lot of things have been happening and it's been getting to me quite badly. Or rather, to put more specifically I have been LETTING it get to me. Was in a baad place for quite a while =(. 

Spent a bit of time trying to "unwind" through the mishmosh of emotions to try and rationalize and look out for / search for the small blessings that (like it or not) are actually in every single (bad) thing that happens / happened. 

I must consciously remind myself to look for these silver / gold / chicken nuggets (I like chicken nuggets) and Thank Upstairs (whatever your belief is) for small blessings. 

Arting / crafting and sharing about arting / crafting seems to help. 

Hence... I thank you for your patience, understanding and your help towards normality. 

Found a new art supply shop (more conveniently located than the ones I do already know of) in a new-ish mall. For locals, you might want to check out, Umistrong

They have packed a lot of things into a small shop! They seemed to carry a lot of Chinese products  (e.g. watercolour paper of a Chinese brand) that I have never seen before - but they do all seem to be reasonably prices. I fought the urge to buy some to try (I already have too many art supplies!) so I can't give any input as to the quality of said Chinese products... but I did cave for pencil roll (which was a quarter to half the price of a "branded" pencil roll)! I had been looking for one for a while as my Omni Instense pencils (which I think have been featured on my blog quite a few times) doesn't come in a box with the tray that "slides" out... which makes them difficult to use - and I had been keeping them all in a discount store lunch box.

(in case you are wondering - yes I did number my pencils and create a colour key - yes I am a colour pencil and staitonary geek)

Behold the glory of my pencil roll! *drumroll*

Bask in it's rainbowed glory! 

Ahem - now on to some zentangling (to be honest there was almost a month where I couldn't get myself to draw... =( hence I don't have that much to share but share I shall!). These are tiles done in June. 

I loved this string idea! Read more about it here

Joey's Weekly Challenge #219 feat pokeroot:


IAST #245:

And on to July...

The bestie is on a 6 month stint far far away and she's none too happy about it. So I drew up a little postcard to send to her... using my new gift from the sister. 

Yes, you are looking at Primacolor watercolor pencils - my sister rocks I know. 

Also sharing my only tile in July so far (which was Joey's Challenge #222 - feat maryhill) 

Using a new thrift store sketch book - I quite like the fact that I have space to do multiple tiles but I really don't like the spiral binding - it gets in the way when I want to turn the sketchbook. the spread features Prismacolor orbs and a Prismacolor watercolour penciled version in the bottom right corner. Also am taking the chance to practice on my (really bad) brush lettering with a Pentel Touch. Practice makes perfect right. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

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  1. Aha! I have finally caught up with you! I have just received a glorious envelope full of stationery goodies from Aileen and couldn't for the life of me work out who that was. I posted them on FB to no effect. Well, lots of comments but... so here is a heartfelt thank you from me. I've already started using them and will post pics on my blog soon.

    I'm sorry the world has been an unhappy place for you recently and I truly hope your happiness grows. If you email me your land address, I'd love to return the favour and send you some bits and pieces.


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