Sunday, July 15, 2018

It's been quite a while...

I haven't posted in quite a while. In fact I haven't tangled in quite a while. A lot of things have been happening and it's been getting to me quite badly. Or rather, to put more specifically I have been LETTING it get to me. Was in a baad place for quite a while =(. 

Spent a bit of time trying to "unwind" through the mishmosh of emotions to try and rationalize and look out for / search for the small blessings that (like it or not) are actually in every single (bad) thing that happens / happened. 

I must consciously remind myself to look for these silver / gold / chicken nuggets (I like chicken nuggets) and Thank Upstairs (whatever your belief is) for small blessings. 

Arting / crafting and sharing about arting / crafting seems to help. 

Hence... I thank you for your patience, understanding and your help towards normality. 

Found a new art supply shop (more conveniently located than the ones I do already know of) in a new-ish mall. For locals, you might want to check out, Umistrong

They have packed a lot of things into a small shop! They seemed to carry a lot of Chinese products  (e.g. watercolour paper of a Chinese brand) that I have never seen before - but they do all seem to be reasonably prices. I fought the urge to buy some to try (I already have too many art supplies!) so I can't give any input as to the quality of said Chinese products... but I did cave for pencil roll (which was a quarter to half the price of a "branded" pencil roll)! I had been looking for one for a while as my Omni Instense pencils (which I think have been featured on my blog quite a few times) doesn't come in a box with the tray that "slides" out... which makes them difficult to use - and I had been keeping them all in a discount store lunch box.

(in case you are wondering - yes I did number my pencils and create a colour key - yes I am a colour pencil and staitonary geek)

Behold the glory of my pencil roll! *drumroll*

Bask in it's rainbowed glory! 

Ahem - now on to some zentangling (to be honest there was almost a month where I couldn't get myself to draw... =( hence I don't have that much to share but share I shall!). These are tiles done in June. 

I loved this string idea! Read more about it here

Joey's Weekly Challenge #219 feat pokeroot:


IAST #245:

And on to July...

The bestie is on a 6 month stint far far away and she's none too happy about it. So I drew up a little postcard to send to her... using my new gift from the sister. 

Yes, you are looking at Primacolor watercolor pencils - my sister rocks I know. 

Also sharing my only tile in July so far (which was Joey's Challenge #222 - feat maryhill) 

Using a new thrift store sketch book - I quite like the fact that I have space to do multiple tiles but I really don't like the spiral binding - it gets in the way when I want to turn the sketchbook. the spread features Prismacolor orbs and a Prismacolor watercolour penciled version in the bottom right corner. Also am taking the chance to practice on my (really bad) brush lettering with a Pentel Touch. Practice makes perfect right. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

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