Sunday, July 9, 2017

It's a String Thing Challenge #202 and watercolour rainbow tiles!

In the first chapter of pencil adventures, I tried using, amongst other types of pencils, a 0.5 mm mechanical pencil to do my shading but did not having an enjoyable experience, finding it "scratchy", uncomfortable and unsatisfying😓. The outcome was also not quite to my liking as some of the pencil marks could still be seen even after shading😕. 

In this latest adventure, I swapped out the mechanical pencil lead that was loaded (which I cannot even remember what is) and reloaded with a "high graphite" 2B pencil lead and oh my! 😵The experience was completely different😁.  

It was smooth and enjoyable - almost comparable to using a traditional pencil. I am, from now onwards, going to swear by this particular brand of pencil lead for 0.5 mm mechanical pencils (which wasn't particularly more expensive compared to the other brands of pencil leads available) 😍 (until I find something nicer😏). It also means that I can use pretty mechanical pencils! Yay! 💖(*bimbo moment over*😳)


Thank you to Trudi who left a comment on a previous post of mine, introducing me to the "It's a String Thing Challenge"! I was so excited 😂when I read about it.

This was my entry! I hope I got it sent in time, the time difference is confusing!


And finally, my weekend adventure!

I watercoloured up some Strathmore tiles with my Tombow watercolour brush markers (that I got as part of a kit attending another one of CZT Mabel's classes - yes I know that CZT Mabel rocks!😜) - I love love love the effect🌈🌈🌈

... and proceeded to tangle... 

It was so enjoyable tangling on the rainbow 🌈 tile, observing and appreciating the variations in colour as you tangle your way along. It really forces you to have a smile on your face - though i do admit I was half worried about "ruining" the tile before I started but once the string was drawn, I was alright. 

I can't really decide if I like the outcome better than the usual mono-tone tiles but I definitely had a different and perhaps more enjoyable experience working on this piece! I think I am going to make more rainbow 🌈 tiles! 

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