Saturday, August 26, 2017

Trying out lots of new tangles!

First and foremost! My contribution to the latest Guest Diva Challenge #330!

I wasn't quite sure what the challenge was but I believe it was to do a quarter "plate" tile.

I tried to use some new tangles so as to expand my "working dictionary of tangles". In particular the new tangles here are Copada and Cindyer.  I've never really seen anyone use Cindyer but it looked quite cute to me =).

Another new tangle that I've tried was one of  what I call "feature tangles" - tangles that are of unique shape that oft can't really fit into most generic strings but end up being there as over/underlying "features"... like Waybop, Drawings, Purk and Aquafleur, just to name a few.

Last weekend "featured" Fengle (what I actually chose from my trusty Tangle Deck!)!

Fengle is awesome. Like flowers but also like fireworks but also like starfish! So I wanted to keep it simple with a few tipple bubbles and some printemp shells  and tadah! I have been trying to force myself to do some tiles that aren't so "cluttered"  and am hoping this one hit the mark! 

Last weekend, I also had an unexpected zentangle visitor!


Does anyone else see the hidden dinosaur? New tangles I tried in this tile were Zenith and Abukas (which is a new tangle shared generously here!)! Did I mention I love dinosaurs? 😆 

This however, I wasn't quite so pleased at =(. It was my submission for the IAST # 208 birthday string. I really was stumped by this string! But am glad that I managed to persevere and complete the tile! [In any case, Happy Celebration🎈🎊🎉, Adele @ Tickled to Tangle, and thanks for all the challenges!🙌] 

++ edit++

I'd also like to share my IAST #209 contribution which I am very proud of - a monotangle of the new Zentangle HQ release, Spoken.

I don't I've ever done so much pencil work in a single tile... but it was worth it. I'm loving the outcome.


  1. I like your birthday prompt, it would make a good card to send to someone and the dinosaur is sweet. I love the plate you did for the Diva Challenge - your work is so neat and precise. I like the mix of tangles you chose too, they work very well together.

  2. These are all absolutely gorgeous tiles! Accept my virtual clap on your back!

  3. You've inspired me to give Spoken another try. I'm here from your Diva posting link. Your quarter plate actually looks like it could have been from a plate. Those are new tangles to me also. Nice use of shading to complete the "look".

    1. Spoken is great fun. Though shading was a challenge. I need to get round to trying jt curved! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. All are wonderful! Especially I like your tile with Spoken ... it´s fantastic!

    1. Thank you. The Spoken tile is my personal favourite of this post too!


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