Sunday, February 25, 2018

'tis better to give than it is to receive


Happy Chinese New Year!

The above character is 福, the Chinese word for good luck or prosperity. Before you ask, no the tile is not upside down! During the festive season the character is commonly hung upside down, because the Chinese word for upside down sounds like "to come" in Mandarin... hence "come hither prosperity!"

Also sharing my tiles for this week's Diva Challenge and for Joey's Challenge as well!



For those wondering about my subject title... my birthday is coming in mid-March and I've always liked gift giving. I used to do small giveaways and exchanges on my old tatting blog but I haven't done any here yet... So... to celebrate my birthday, I'm giving away three small gifts! 

First, a Disney Stitch Uni Kuru Toga pencil (the Kuru Toga is my choice of pencil when I'm in the mechanical pencil mood) and a selection of home cut tiles... and

... two more sets of home cut tiles, each with a snoopy pencil cap and a Mitsubishi 9800 2B pencil. Yes, Jetpens classifies these pencils as writing pencils but I have been using them on Zentangle tiles and I loving them... maybe you'd like to try them out too!
I am prepared to ship internationally (hopefully the shipping is not too scary!)!
If you'd like to have a chance to get any of these small gifts, please do leave a comment on this post =) with your email address! Or drop me an email at logically_thinking at yahoo dot co dot uk. Event runs till 15 March 2018! 
In addition, for every reader who signs up for this simple giveaway, I will make a small donation to Arc Children's Centre.
If you are interested, leave a comment today!


  1. Beautiful heart tiles! I love the others too!!

  2. Beautiful tiles! I love your Chinese New Year tile, very festive and fun!

  3. It is very nice of you that you will give a small donation for everyone who gives a comment but your tile of Chinese New Year is really beautiful and it is interesting to read of other cultures.
    Wish you all the best and especially a happy birthday!

  4. Well, I am almost as interested in the giveaway as I am in the lovely work you have done here. And you've given me an idea... Chinese characters as strings. That goes next on my to do list.

  5. Wow, I love the luck and prosperity tile! Your others are lovely too. Happy Birthday month!


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