Thursday, June 1, 2017

Beginning of a Zentangle adventure

Earlier this year, I took a Valentine's day Zentangle project class at Overjoyed.

Thoroughly enjoyed the adventure and have been indulging since.

The portability of Zentangle is awesome and to up the ante, I spent the last 2 evenings planning, designing and constructing my new "Zentangle on the go" kit.

I quite like it (of course I would since I customed it to what I wanted) but I'm not particularly pleased with the depth of the pockets (too deep) and more importantly... am supremely annoyed that once I put the pens in, the front of the case seems to resemble an inflatable raft! grrr.

Contemplating whether to unpick the pen pockets and reduce the number of pen pockets to make it less raft like but unsure if I should take the leap...

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