Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Taking the Copic plunge! If you're a beginner at Copics maybe you'd find this useful too!

I've eyed Copic markers for years but never took the plunge. 

Copics whilst toted as the best markers in the world felt "out of reach" for a lowly "part-time crafter": 
  • there were too many options! - honeycombs and honeycombs of wonderful rainbows🌈! I want them all but...
  • they are (inhibitingly) expensive💲- the moment you are paying dollars per marker, a set of even 12 is going to be a substantial dent in your fun money... 
  • which then begs the question - If I am a lowly "part time crafter", is it really worth it to shell out that kind of money for Copics?

However, I have recently been fortunate enough to have been gifted a small budget for me to get me some Copics (WOOHOO!)! [yes I know I'm one lucky devil😈😍] 

Which kicked off this "research" trail:  
  • this was useful for newbie me for general information on the markers; 
  • this was good information for how to apply the colours; 
  • was so tempted to top up my gifted budget and splurge on the "beginner" set of 36 markers recommended but I must have some semblance of self-control (for now) right?!?
  • this article on  how to choose your first 6 markers may have been the ultimate gem that had me put on my big girl panties and decide "yes! I'm going to do this!" (and also had be going "yes! my gifted budget is enough to get me started! woohoo!") 
  • and since I can't draw to save my life - these two sites on Copic compatible ink pads were also helpful. 

Big girl panties put on, budget in hand, fast forward past the lllllooooonnnngggg (but enjoyable) trip to the art store:

I opted for Copic Ciao - the cheapest in the Copic range. I was inhibited by thoughts that I'm not good enough to warrant the "good stuff" (not to mention it would allow me to get more colours since I had a limited budget 😉).

Colour choices were substantially limited for the Ciao range compared to the Copic and Sketch ranges but hey, who can really complain with 100+ colours to choose from! In fact, 100+ was already enough for me to go a leeetle crazy just trying to narrow myself down to 6 colours (plus the colourless blender). 

Perhaps pointers for other Copic newbies on what was running through my head when I took the plunge:

  • Resist the primal urge to go for the "pretties" 💪 and consider what you are likely going to be using the Copics for - since I normally end up doing furry animal stamped images, I exercised substantial self-control (if I don't say so myself) and decided to forego the pretties, opting for for a browns 
  • I took the advice of some of the sites to go for 3 shades per colour from the same colour group - I also went for the same saturation number to start with (and I was quite happy with the outcome) 

I can so see why Copics are the best markers in the world. I love the even brightness of the colours - it almost looks printed! (though yes I know my shading needs work)

I was however disappointed at Hero Hues ink pad😞. Although online articles suggest the ink won't bleed with Copics, it bled substantially for me - bit of a downer because I bought the Hero Hues ink pads just for Copics (and they weren't exactly very cheap). To make matters worse, the Hero Hues stained my clear stamps (again even though online research suggested it was ok to use with clear stamps). I should have just used the money I spent on the ink pads to top up by Copic budget =(.  

As a saving grace Tsukineko Brilliance (which was substantially cheaper than Hero Hues), once gunned with my embossing gun to heat set the ink, was, well.. brilliant 😀. Ink cleaned off much better than the Hero Hues too (phew!😅). 

To all other part time crafters - FEAR NOT! TAKE THE PLUNGE
  • you can get started with just 6 markers (man, I love the person who wrote that article) 
  • Copic Ciaos are a more economical option if you are running on a budget
  • they are easy to use 
  • and the results are clearly worth it. 

This may be the beginning of a beautiful (and pocket emptying) relationship...  

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