Monday, June 26, 2017

Done it!

I can officially say that I have attended a Zentangle 101 class! And! A Renaissance tile class! Woohoo! 😁

With much gratitude to CZT Mabel Yap and her team at Heartistry💓! For those in my locale, do check out Heartistry and the classes they offer (which are not limited to Zentangl btw). 

Am quite taken by the effect of renaissance tiles so I tried a little on my own. 

This was done with Sakura Microns in black and blue, with a Koh I-Noor grade 2 charcoal pencil on Starthmore 400 Series Toned Tan Artist Tiles. 

Am undecided whether the effects are as nice as sepias on the official Zentangle tiles. It seems to have a different feel. But I still kinda like it anyhow! 

Next... to play with different coloured papers and inks to see whether other combinations work! 

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