Thursday, September 21, 2017


I didn't really quite get what Diva Challenge #333 was about but I hope I got it right!

The Oxford Dictionary website defines "cosy (US cozy)" as "giving a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation". And my immediate reaction is: isn't that every tangle and tile?!?

What do I think of when I think of the word "cosy"?

Snuggling sleepy dogs! These are my sister's two pups - both sausages. Two of the cuddliest things ever. Hence my inspired Diva Challenge #333 tile:


I tried to make him look "fluffly" with "messy" shading. Don't think it turned out quite right though. I kinda like it all the same. My sister thought it looked kinda cute (though that could have been purely because it was her pup after all!)

And since I'm on the topic of my sister, check out the awesome prezzie I got from my sister!

It took me 2 weeks to gather the courage to open the plastic! And now I'm all like "oh no! If I use them then they will never look the same!". 😍 My sister rocks. I know. When and where will I get the courage to actually use them! 😵

Another awesome gift I received recently is a laminator (and laminating foils)😀! [It's kinda sad that I'm this excited over office supplies isn't it... but ah well!] So of course I had to try it out right!

I cut up some Strathmore Bristol, wrote with some masking fluid (I just bought some and is the first time I'm using it!), added on a Tombow Dual Brush Pen watercolour wash, added Btl Joos/Striping with the trusty Sakura Micron, added highlights with my Sakura Gellyroll, added slight pencil shading and finally discreet random printemps with my new Zebra Super Marble pen

Why did I use so many different pens you may ask - to be honest I was paranoid and wanted to see whether the laminating process would destroy anything. Thankfully it didn't! Woohoo! Looks like bookmarks may be on the cards for Christmas this year! 

Loving my new gifts and the people who clearly love me!


  1. Love your tile - I feel the same as you .... "cozy" is my dog! Thought of doing a tile like you did, but didnt follow through. Awesome!

  2. I do love the tile and your inspiration for it. There's a great youtube channel called Coloring Pages Bliss that has a bunch of great tutorials on blending and getting the most out of your colored pencils, including Prismacolor specific color charts, color mixing etc. I'm a big fan;-)

  3. I LOVE your curled up pup! What a fantastic and cozy looking tile! I just spent a full day with my crafting friends yesterday playing with our foils and laminator. It is amazing how many different ways this can be used... and it's fun to. Your sister is the BEST!

    1. thank you for your compliments! Yes having a laminator rocks! Do share what you do with yours since I've only had mine for a week!


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