Tuesday, September 26, 2017


So this week's Diva Challenge #334 involved crazy 'nzeppel... before I knew that was the challenge I had done my IAST#212 tile which also included crazy 'nzeppel. 'nzeppel is one of my go to tangles you see... 

Y.A.F. paizel.'nzeppel

I was quite pleased with the little star that sneaked in that reminded me of the rubber band star. Whilst I was feeling quite good about the tile when I first completed it, those good feelings have since been overtaken.  

Hope is the word this week. 

Two days ago, whilst I was working in my office, a lady from a neighbouring office ran in, hurriedly asking if anyone knows CPR or if we know of a doctor in the vicinity. One of our neighbours, Mr P, who we are actually quite close to, had collapsed in his office. He had suffered from an acute stroke. Mr P's daughter (who actually worked with us for a while) was told to prepare for the worst. My heart goes out to her - she just lost her mother a few years back. Mr P is now  recovering in a local hospital and any prayers would be appreciated. 

Was quite ruffled over the incident Mr P is the same age as my Dad and is fit as a fiddle. The incident hit a little close to home. Did a quick fengle bookmark in a silver and gold gellyrolls to calm myself down... 

And when I saw this week's Diva Challenge #334 I just had to do something...

This was done with you in mind Mr P.

Get well soon. 


  1. All you tiles are great. I'm going through a bookmark phase myself, so I liked seeing how you used color in your Crazy Zentangle bookmark. Do you use watercolors to prepare your bookmark blank or some other medium. I haven't had good luck with watercolor. It always clogs up my felt tip pen when I try to tangle over it.

    I appreciate your theme for the week, Hope. With the natural disasters happening with such rapidity, there are many people living pretty much only on hope. I hope Mr. P. will make a satisfactory recovery. It is always quite disconcerting when you participate in or witness a medical emergency as a non-medical person. I had to perform CPR (unsuccessful) on my father-in-law with my physician husband, an event that is seared into my memory.

    1. Yes I used watercolours. Tombow markers to be exact. I haven't really had a problem with using Sakura Microns on any of my Tombow marker backgrounds.

      Yes there has been a lot of tragedy around =(. I'm sorry you had to go through that =(.

      Thank you for your well wishes... we are still hoping that Mr P recovers soon.

  2. All of your art is lovely and I can completely relate to the topic of Hope. Best wishes for Mr. P's recovery.

  3. Good to have Zentangle to turn to in difficult times. I hope your friend is able to recover. I will be thinking of him, and you as well.

  4. Nice work with beautiful colours and nice post, I wish your friend a quick recovery!


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