Thursday, October 5, 2017


Ok. Considering I started Zentangle this year, I've never heard of Inktober! However my sister (who is far more creative than I am) has been dabbling in inks for much longer (she's more into fountain pens and fountain pen inks) and shared the concept. 

So in case I have it wrong, I understand Inktober to be a month long challenge to draw one ink drawing per day... and the people at Inktober have even given a list of prompts in case you need an added challenge / inspiration! And then on day 3 I discovered Zentangle prompts by CZT Stephanie Jennifer

So why not? Since I work full-time I don't think I can afford the time to do a full tile every day (without severely sacrificing sleep anyway), so my "modified" Inktober - (at least) one bijou per day! 

Ready. Steady. GO! 

Inktober days 1 to 4!

Day 1: "Swift" using Indy-rella, before I discovered the Zentangle prompts 
Day 2: "Divide" using paradox, before I discovered the Zentangle prompts 
Day 3: Simply Knotty (and paradox) 
Day 4: Diva Dance (with a little bit of printemps)

Inktober day 5!

Inktober day 5 was a pure fluke I must admit. Was working on the Diva Challenge #335, Tint, and used Marasu before I checked to see what was day 5's challenge - it must have been a premonition! So I'm taking my Diva Challenge tile as my Inktober Day 5 (is that cheating?).  

For the Diva Challenge I tried 3 different forms of Tint. Two that I saw on the step out suggestions and one that I kinda just winged it... quite literally, in an attempt to make something that kinda looks like a peacock feather. Not quite sure if I liked how it turned out. 

This tile for me, was one of those "oh no it looks terrible" tiles when I was working on it, but after I finished shading, I thought it didn't look thaaat bad. Lesson learnt - don't give up on "oh no" tiles! 


Also sharing some more of my recent zentangling activities: 


And the next in my bookmark (and laminator) adventures, a pair of paradoxes!


  1. I love all your tiles! I am actually fascinated by your Marasu... it's so sparkly, round, and 3D! I LOVE your bookmarks! ....what kind of laminator do you have??

  2. Thank you for your kind compliments! It is just a regular office hot laminator. Received it as a gift :)

  3. So much beautiful work! I love your Diva tile and those variations of Tint;-)


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