Thursday, November 2, 2017

It's the season of GUTS

Happy Halloween to those who celebrate it - here's sharing my Halloween inspired IAST #217 tile!


Still on my HAVE MORE GUTS campaign but this didn't turn out nice =(. But I did like the little "resist" Batik like effect on my candycorn centre... thanks to the teachings of CZT Mabel!

Also tested out my new Monami Fabric Markers (which seem to be much more expensive on Amazon than what I paid for in a local shop) on a dollar store pouch.

I'm now afraid to draw anything else for fear that I make it look horrible! But I must say this fabric marker is the best I'v used in quite a while! Easy to use. Nice bright colour. Best of all, supposedly it doesn't need to be ironed!

Whilst I was browsing blogs last week I spied a tile by CZT Stephanie featuring tangle Frunky which in turn led me to Floo. So I had to try them both right?



Sigh, it feels so good to be doing pure black white tiles again... but no! I must HAVE MORE GUTS! I cannot give up on my be more adventurous campaign right?? (But there's nothing against doing a comforting good ol' black and white now and then right???) 

Whilst trying out Frunky, I was also trying out the Shinhan Touch Liner pens and Hahnemughle Tiles of which there was an awesome review of here

The Tiles are really very very smooth - perhaps stunningly so. I was not quite used to it. I'm usually working on  Stathmore 400 Series Vellum Bristol or in my Canson Inspiration sketch book both of which have substantially rougher surfaces than the Tiles [however I am shallow and have to say that I love the little tin the Tiles come in!]. 

The Shinhan Touch Liner pen was nice and smooth, however I found it to be rather inky - like the moment I leave the pen there for a liiiiitle bit, there's a visible (albeit small) inky blot. Not quite sure whether it is because the pen is new or it's to do with the Tiles. It's worth more experimentation for sure! However at a price slightly higher than the trusty old Micron... perhaps I'll just stick to the Micron.

Also sharing my Diva Challenge #339 tile. I know it's supposed to be fall / spring but we don't have either here! It's tropically warm all year round. However this time of year is our rainy season. Hence my rainy / fall tile with several rainy day inspired tangles!



  1. I love all of your work here 😍 It's all so energetic.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments! I'm still working on colour in zentangle - hoping to get better!


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