Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Kit and colour!

Spent the last weekend dog sitting for my sister at my sister's place. So of course I had to pack a zentangle kit to last me the weekend right? 

I've been eyeing these hard top pencil cases at Smiggle for a while now, thinking they'd be super awesome craft kits. For the longest time I fought the temptation due to (1) price concerns and (2) concerns that a packed kit would be obstructively heavy and I would have wasted my money. 

However I finally caved for my dog sitting weekend!

The amount of stuff I managed to stuff in was amazing! 

Yes it was heavy but it wasn't as heavy as I was afraid it was going to be. Amazing ain't it! 

And what did I do with my kit you might ask: 

Inktober day 21: meer.YAF  

ennies. indyrella 


Inktober day 22: yincut.ramy.drawings

Clearly I'm still with my HAVE MORE GUTS campaign. Whereas in my last post I only ventured as far as coloured pencils, I have now done some experimentation with my Tombow watercolour brush pens (courtesy of one of the classes previously given by CZT Mabel), coloured Microns (and a grey Zig Kuretake Mangaka pen) and my current favourite Zebra Super Marble Gel Pen.  

Some of it I think looks ok, others not so great. Having seen so many awesome coloured pieces online, I was hesitant to put up my recent works because I was embarrassed that they weren't great... but no! I need to HAVE MORE GUTS right?  But hey... practice makes perfect (hopefully)... and I should be proud of whatever I did right? Right?

But if they do look bad, I blame it on this:

Has anyone else tried to tangle side ways (like the table is on my right) with a dog on your lap? It was a bit of a challenge! But this sweetie was feeling crummy that my sister was away... (In case you're wondering: yes, she's wearing a flower. It's actually a cone of shame in disguise but shhhh don't tell her that!). 

Also sharing my Inktober contributions for day 14 and days 18-20 (days 15 to 17 were previously shared):


This week's Diva challenge wasn't really on all four with my  HAVE MORE GUTS campaign... but it kinda was. I've never attended any black tile classes and have never even tried tangling on black before so yes... GUTS required!


My first attempt at white on black on white. Not quite sure how I feel about it but I had fun doing it! Am now thinking about doing sparkly pens / pastel pens on black and see how they turn out! Am glad that pretty pens are relatively inexpensive here! 


  1. I love the bold and beautiful work you've been doing 😍

  2. I do like that Diva tiel!!! Have fun with al the new stuff :-)

    1. Thank you! I am having fun! But I have lots to learn =(. But I guess that's half the fun!

  3. So many lovely pieces! Especially I like your black tile!

    1. Oh wow thank you for the compliment! Especially since that's my first black tile ever!


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