Wednesday, October 18, 2017

My new mantra: Have more guts!

Spent the weekend @ Heartistry!

With a Brush Lettering workshop on Saturday (the results of which I am tooooo embarrassed to share - suffice to say I need a lot of practice) and my first ever Zentangle jam on Sunday.

I quite enjoyed the session which involved making a glueless box from two zendala tiles, taught by CZT Mabel as well as making a small booklet with "pamphlet stitch" from a couple sheets of watercolour paper, taught by one of CZT Mabel's friends at Heartistry. Was my first attempt at book binding which was kinda cool 😎. 

I also collected my nets flash pay card (kinda like a stored value card) with the Heartistry logo that I won on Heartistry's Facebook draw (woohoo!🎉). 

I met tanglers I've never met before and saw what they could do (which in all honesty did make me feel a little bit lacking because some of what I saw was amazing and I was so envious! 😭). 

We had the pleasure of having not 1 not 2 but 3 CZTs at our session. I think a lot of the online Zentangle community may be familiar with CZT Stephanie (who was the originator of the Zentangle Inktober 2017 prompts) - well she was at the jamming session too! 

CZT Stephanie shared with us a simplified way to do diva dance rock & roll and aquafleur. For those interested, the version of aquafleur taught by CZT Stephanie features on her blog in this post, and her simplified version of diva dance rock & roll can be found here. Amazing! 

Having attended the session and having had the opportunity to look at other people's work, I have decided I need more guts! More guts to go out of the box! More guts to use colours! More guts to try and experiment! More guts to be wrong! My new Zentangle mantra is therefore: HAVE MORE GUTS! 

So since I spent all my time at the jamming session working on my palrevo box, when I got home, as step 1 to my "HAVE MORE GUTS" movement, I did some coloured pieces in my sketch book to record what I learnt from CZT Stephanie at the jamming session.

I'm quite pleased with how everything turned out which goes to show that I need to have more guts (but inside I'm trembling and melting like a jelly with too much water content).

So my HAVE MORE GUTS movement also extended into this week's Diva Challenge #337

diva dance rock & roll.dragonair.patience.dyon.sandswirl.printemps.leafleft.striping.shattuck.artoo


Ok so well I didn't have a lot of guts... just a little bit to give a sprinkling of colour here and there and to bring out artoo even more. I was quite pleased with the result until a bystander told me it looks incomplete... 😕 sigh... baby steps?

Also sharing:

(1) My IAST #215 tile (I was clearly still in the striping mood from last week's Diva Challenge!)

(2) My Inktober bijous for days 10 to 13 (my Diva tile also snuck in Inktober day 17!)


  1. You were so very busy and with some great results!!!

  2. ohmigosh! your work is fantastic! I love the fun with color you're doing. Kudos to you for getting out of your comfort zone;-)

    1. Thank you! I'm trying hard to venture into more colours! Hope they turn out decent!

  3. Keep it up, girl, your work is lovely. There doesn't have to be a lot of colour, just enough to please you as the artist. As for the bystander who said it didn't look finished... pah! What did he/she/it know? Bet he/she/it couldn't do it.

  4. Love the boxes! I will have to try and figure out how you made them. Your tiles are all lovely!


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