Monday, December 11, 2017

Take a step back.

This whole thing with my Dad is really getting to me. Been quite stressed out. Upset. Weird. Whatever. Work hasn't been helping. 29 November 2017 is possibly the worst work day ever in my 10 year career from which I am still "recovering". 

P has been trying to convince me that too many tears have been shed recently whereas it doesn't really help (I know he's right but then I can't help myself). I suspect that he semi-planned a day out after my own medical appointment (was on leave from work for the appointment) to take my mind off things. 

First with a trip to the local Art Science Museum which currently features Treasures of the Natural World. I had told him that I wanted to see the exhibit to see the thylacine (AKA the Tasmanian Tiger) although it eventually transpired that we went to settle a dispute - whether the Dodo was the size of a chicken or at least the size of a turkey. I voted chicken (thanks to Ice Age) and lost miserably... 

Then we went to The Animal Resort - which I admit to not knowing existed till then where there were oodles of animals to feed (I like feeding animals, especially fish). 

Loved the blue of the peacock and was somehow taken by the stinker of a look that the large rooster was giving me. 

Next, for a coffee at what I think is one of the most  inspiring of places, The Art Faculty. The Art Faculty showcases and promotes the talents of special people, commonly those who are autistic. Their retail space sells various items designed / drawn by special people and also features a small cafe, where your friendly baristas are also of special needs. 

I have a soft spot for contributing to places like these. 

My favourite design from the Art Faculty involves dinosaurs by Sheng Jie (I love dinosaurs) and these flamingos by Jun Yi (I loved the stunned and lost looking ones especially). Do check them out! 

So whilst there, I picked up a couple of presents for my cousins, enjoyed my iced earl grey tea and took out my sketchbook and started on a new tile for IAST #222 (whilst waiting for my gifts to be wrapped).  


I used a navy Micron PN (they are finally available locally albeit only in boxed sets) for Verdigough with orange, blue and green microns for the tippled background. I went a bit crazy drawing that many bubbles. I chose blue green and orange because  the colour wheel suggests that they "go"... however based on the tile, I'm not quite sure...   

And as a final stop, I asked P to bring me somewhere I would be happy...  

P does know me doesn't he. 

I feel a whole lot better having written this post. Perhaps sometimes you just need to be able to take a step back and breathe and appreciate the wonderful things that are around you and have been done for you. While I did have fun yesterday I think I was so stuck in mire that I didn't realise to its full extent what an awesome day it was. I guess it's kinda like zentangle - when you're done you need to hold it out in front of you and admire the tile in all orientations. Another life lesson from zentangle.  

Thank you for staying with me this post. Do leave a comment because well, everyone likes having comments.Somehow makes it seem like you're not so alone... you know what I mean? 

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