Saturday, January 20, 2018

Been out of it - spam sharing

Spam sharing my tiles / work since Xmas. 

12 days of zentangle (didn't buy the project pack as shipping is prohibitive). Particularly proud of the zendala. 

Most of the tiles done whilst vacationing with Dad in KL. 


Visual Journal Zentangle tile for the trip. 


Visual Journal Zentangle tile for a holiday visit to the local bird park. Coloured with Sakura Koi watercolour markers. Inspired by the Scarlet Macaws at the bird park. 

crazy huggins.sandswirl.'nzeppel.shattuck

Didn't manage to do last week's Diva Challenge but was inspired to play around with Crazy Huggins (which I have had trouble dealing with... until now!). Used a Prismacolour liner with 3 different purple pens (Sakura, Copic and Zig), orbs coloured with cheap Colleen double sided colour pencils - the dream colour pencils of my childhood.
And this week's Diva Challenge #347 using items that were lying around 1 day during breakfast before work:  

Shaggy legoman. rainbow hair tie. set square protractor. overjoyed membership card. teaspoon


  1. These are all great! I especially love the map and your crazy Huggins;-)

  2. Your father must be proud of you and your talents. I love your crazy huggins and the stars in your collection image. Your 'map' tile is a fantastic idea and the zendala does deserve a second and much longer look! Well done!

    1. Lol I think Dad just wonders why I doodle :) thank you for your kind comments! Crazy Huggins took me quite a while to figure out!


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