Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Playing with Sparkling Shadows

My contribution for Joey's weekly challenge #207 is a small home-cut bijou tile. 

In a little bit of fun I tried tangling with Diamine Shimmer Ink (Sparkling Shadows) and a smiley Pilot Kakuno (if you look closely at the nib, it's smiling at you =)).  


Had to angle the photo a little so that you could see some of the shimmer. Wasn't quite as smooth as a micron but the inconsistent lines give it a little bit of it's own character I think =).

Liked the outcome so much I tried it on my Diva Challenge #355 tile in my sketchbook.


Didn't bother to angle this photo so that the gold flakes can be seen. 

Interesting experience and outcome I must say. Surprised at what a difference the type of pen can cause. 

And in case you haven't yet... last call for my birthday giveaway here! Open to all! 


  1. Lovely tiles and I that Bijou is gorgeous! I love drawing with a fountain pen;-)

    1. Thank you for your kind comment. I've never tried it before these two tiles. I can't decide if I really like it. Which means I need to draw more right?!

  2. That’s a sweet Bijou tile!

  3. Beautiful tiles! The Diva one is my favorite. I love anything with frunky on it, it is one of my favorites!


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