Saturday, March 24, 2018

A wild birthday!

Celebrated my birthday last Friday... And it was probably the most glorious day I've had in a loooong time.

Took leave from work and spent the whole day doing happy things. Started with one of my favourite nasi lemak breakfasts :) followed by a trip to the new Japanese discount store (which I love) and woot woot they had the sharpener that I've wanted for yonks! The Sonic Ratchetta! For the last few months every time I've gone it's been out of stock! All I got to see was a picture of it hung on the empty display arm and it's price tag... UNTIL NOW! They cost S$6.00 each in the Japanese lifestyle store and only $3.50 at the discount store! There were two types and I just couldn't decide! 

I couldn't pass up on S$1.90 Winnie the Pooh and Donald Duck pencil caps either!

Then lunch at Shin Minori - a Japanese restaurant which I had never tried before... with a 1 for 1 birthday promo! Super worth it! [note to anyone else intending to go, I don't think it's quite worth it to pay full price... but that's just my humble opinion] 

Then a trip to River Safari - with another 1 for 1 birthday promo! Didn't manage to take much photos but I chose the River Safari over our Zoo because I LOVE FISH (and I had gone to the Aquarium last year for my birthday)! 

 I did not know piranas were sparkly... did you?

And to make it better my ticket entitled me to a 10% discount at the gift store which I found the new The Art Faculty flamingo pouch - my favourite design from The Art Faculty! I love them flamingos! It's now my new zentangle carry all! And check out the free pin they gave me to wear around the zoo. 

Then dinner at a new food court!

This on top of lovely presents from my loved ones!
'twas a great day :) with everything happening at home, guess it's been a while that I've been this happy. Need to learn to "hold on" to the feeling... 

Also sharing my St Pats day IAST - I love how these challenges introduce new tangles for us to learn / try / use.

My tile for Joey's Challenge #208...


Did this tile with a Pentel Fude Touch Brush pen. I quite liked the experience. I had to control my pen pressure (I press far too hard even when writing) and enjoy that on the few bits I managed to control the pen pressure somewhere, there's a clear line weight difference (see some of the beads and bits of the coil) The biggest downside? I can't draw on it with the Sakura white or the Pentel Hybrid Gel Grip white. I ended up drawing with a fine liquid paper pen! As an added benefit - am learning to love pokeleaf! 

Also sharing my Diva name tile for Diva Challenge #356


And perhaps as a belated surprise, I was gifted with a second hand (but working) fish tank, with a pump and light and everything... for me to buy what I have always affectionately called "my guys" (they're actually balloon rams... these are electric blue balloon rams...). I always look for them in every fish shop that I enter (and I go into a lot of fish shops because I LOVE FISH) but never bought them for fear of killing them =(. I've taken the plunge! And so far... I LOVE MY GUYS. I hope nothing untoward happens to them though - fingers crossed! I've never had a real tank before! I'm taking forever to write this post because the tank is right next to me and I'm turning to stare and watch them a lot.

And of course (and I'm sure the long awaited for) results of my birthday giveaway! Thank you for participating! Congratulations to Ria, Lisa and Margaret! Please do drop me a line at logically_thinking at yahoo dot co dot uk so that I can get your gifts to you!


  1. I can't decide which of these tiles is my fav. Joey's? Or your naming string?They are both great tiles! As for fish, depending on the light, all fish scales sparkle because they reflect light. Watch the cleaning of a fish in sunlight and you have rainbow colors flying all over the place.

    1. I need to pay more attention to fish cleaning! Thanks for dropping by!

  2. All of your tiles are lovely ❤ I especially love the name tile 'cuz now I know your name😆 happy belated birthday Aileen🎉🍾🎈

  3. Lovely tiles! I really like the black n'zepple on the Joey tile and your name tile is beautifully drawn. Love those purple feathers!

    1. Thank you! Do try the tangle it's quite fun! Plume-ar


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