Saturday, March 31, 2018

Happy easter all!

Happy Easter All!
Spent a bit of time away from Zentangling making little gift tags for easter goodies for the office. Thank the joys of the internet for tutorials on how to draw a perfect egg as well as how to draw a ribbon. Coloured with my local brand colour pencils, Omni. Am liking my eggs although I do admit that my shading / light needs work. 

[In case you were wondering the white tails are so that I can thread the wire tie / ribbon holding the gift bag closed through a loop =).]

Sharing my challenge tiles for the week.
Joey's challenge #209 - also photographed another pencil that I've tried. The Staedtler Kakikata:

diva dance.funsin.auraknot

It's a lovely pencil... both for use as well as to look at. Smooth and easy to move. Possibly making me look more "professional" than my usual cutesy Japanese pencils (yes I'm a stationery addict - the silver lining is that it's a lot cheaper to be a stationery addict than say... a branded handbag addict... or at least that's what I like to try and tell myself :P). These pencils are available in various designs - 3 designs per colour range with a total of 3 colours in the range. These are those that I got in the blue range.

IAST #236:

And by the way... Does this happen to anyone else?

Thankfully this has only happened to my black 01 micron so there's no confusion... yet...
As a parting note: to all the people who won a prize on my birthday giveaway please do drop me a line!


  1. Your Easter egg gift tags are adorable, absolutely gorgeous! I love your Joey tile, also, especially the way you've done Funsin. Mine just never seems to look good.


    1. Thank you for your kind compliments. I'm sure your funsin looks great - don't be too harsh in yourself!

  2. Great tiles! I love the pink in the paradox tile, and the detail and shading in the IAST are really exceptional!

    1. Thank you! Do check out the Paisley tangle in the Tangle cards!

  3. That Paradox is beautiful with it's purple :-))


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