Thursday, May 3, 2018

tonnes to share!

I've just realised that I haven't posted for a month. Wow. 

Just took a trip to Ipoh - think I needed the break more than I knew I did. Spent some time with friends and visited an Aunty that I hadn't seen in 5 years. Enjoyed the trip thoroughly and am now thinking whether I have the finances (and leave) to take another trip soon.

Sharing some sights (sadly no sounds) of Ipoh. 

I loved the wall art! 

And the nature sites were awesome!

Also showing off my Aunt's and Uncle's lovely garden!

Also sharing some of my recent tiles: 

Diva Challenge #358: Pickpocket - was thinking of wall graffiti when I was doing this tile. Done with Omni Intense Colour Pencils. 


IAST #237 - featuring Kaboom:


I did this in a Starbucks one day! With my flamingos and a lego man for company. Makes me smile just thinking about it.

Joey's Challenge #211- featuring Breach:


Joey's Challenge #212 - featuring Relly Telly One:

relly telly one.yincut.'nzeppel.sandswirl.knightsbridge.c-six

Diva Challenge #361:

Cut out this tile from the book depository packaging from my newly ordered book.

From this:

To this:


This was a little challenging as my tile is kinda like corrugated cardboard so my lines were unintentionally squiggly! Was half afraid that my pen would poke right through the surface! 

Joey's Challenge #214 - featuring Spoken:


The speck in the centre is not a ink blot btw, it's the hole made by my compass cutter. A good thing to have to anyone who wants to cut / make their own zendala tiles! Mine was a gift from my father many years ago - a random crafty item he bought when he was on holiday with his friends. Yes, my Dad rocks. 

The last Joey's tile above was done with my new pen from my sister *drumroll*, a Rotring Rapidograph 0.2! How awesome is that. I've read about them (at places like Jetpens) but couldn't bear to shell out that kind of money for a pen! Blessed I am with awesome family members! 

But woohoo! My sister rocks and gifted me one!!! Tested it out on Mack, a tangle I read about on TickedToTangle (but never got around to doing the challenge) and it is so crisp it's amazing. Here it is side by side with my well used Micron. For those eagle eyed people out there, yes, it is a metal tipped pen. I thought it would be scratchy but it's not! 

Although, it kinda reminds me of an epi or insulin pen though *shudder*.

Last and perhaps not least, I still haven't heard from some of my giveaway winners =(. Not quite sure what to do. Any suggestions?

++edit: Ria, Lisa and Margaret please contact me over winning prizes on my giveaway! logically_thinking at yahoo dot co dot uk!!


  1. I love all your tiles! Your spoken is fantastic... love the gemstone. Great colours on your Amanda tile. And love your Kaboom.... need to try that!!

    Maybe just repost your giveaway winners names.... maybe they just didn't see them.

    1. Do try kaboom. it is good fun =). Thank u for your kind compliments and your suggestion!

  2. Wow! These are all beauties ❤


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