Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Watercolour wash phase 1!

Been going through a watercolour wash phase! 1st few times I'm trying watercolour washes in my sketch book as opposed to on loose tiles.

Diva Challenge #362 feat. Somnee 

sakura koi watercolour wash

Joey's Challenge #215 feat. Whirlee


Tried something a little bit different with the orbs, having chanced upon CZT Stephanie's tutorial on gems using watercolour markers. CZT Stephanie's tutorial features a pink gem with Tombow markers. I did mine using grey Sakura Koi markers. Thank you CZT Stephanie for a beautiful tutorial. If you haven't tried it you should check it out!

Having done the watercolour marker gems, I thought I'd revisit colour pencil gems.

These were done in omni intense colour pencils with a derwent blender. After all, Practice makes Perfect right? And at this juncture, I must show one of my recent purchases - I read an article online that says you are a true stationary geek if when you go overseas, your "souvenirs" are from the stationary shop.

Mea culpa!

One of my souvenirs from Ipoh! That I used to draw my gems of course!

Continued on my gemmy journey with Joey's Challenge #216 feat. Friendship

sakura koi watercolour wash 
uni-pin in black and blue 
omni intense colour pencils 

I love how my "friendship" kinda turned out like a row of smiling blue whales. LOL.

Diva's Challenge #363 - Laura's Auras - wasn't quite sure what it meant but I thought it had to do with auras. Lots and lots of auras.

sakura koi watercolur wash 

Tried to play  a bit with line weight with my Sakura PN on this one - I have the bad habit of pressing down too hard on my pens =(. 

And when I ran out of ideas for strings, I fell back on one of Ben Kwok's free templates.

ben kwok's flamingo template 
staedtler fineliner in micron 
omni intense colour pencils

Have also been trying to egg myself to use tangles I wouldn't normally choose to use.

sakura koi watercolour wash 
sakura microns in black and green 

Yes I know it's weird that I avoid these planty tangles that I suspect are many people's go to tangles!


  1. Oh my. Here it is only Wednesday and I am overwhelmed by your production --- quality production. Thank you for sharing the information about the tangles you used (I often can't recall their names), and also the art supplies you used to create your tiles. One question. When I've tried using watercolor paints to prepare a tile, I then find they stop up my pens. Did you experience that? If not, did you use special water colors or use them a certain way to avoid that problem?

    1. Thank you!

      I don't have the stoppage problems with the watercolour markers! Which is why I love them!

      I have prepared a tile with normal watercolours and I foresee that I will have that problem because it feels so different! I'm going to try using a brush pen / PN! I will let you know how that goes!

  2. All so lovely and the Diva tile is gorgeous with those colors.

    1. Thank you! Using watercolour markers to do the background wash is great fun and it's so easy! Do give it a go!

  3. Beautiful tiles and I love the colours you use,


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